Stephanie Roman
When my friend’s car broke down, a young gentleman that works at the station came to our rescue, his name was Ayoub. He was attentive, kind and checked on us periodically when random Samaritans helped us get my friend’s car started. It’s people like Ayoub and the samaritans that make this community feel safe! Thanks again. We’ll be back.
Stella Leanne
This Labor Day morning, I stopped by Citgo to get gas when my battery failed. I didn’t know exactly what to do, but with the help of Ayoub and some good strangers I was able to get my car started and on my way to an auto shop. Ayoub was super nice and generous with his time and I am so thankful that he was there to help.
Joshua Bartholow
Not even kidding when I say this is the most popular gas station in all of Wilmington. Go by any time of day or night and see for yourself. The reason is... they have a selection of products no one else has, the owner and his staff are the most pleasant people on earth, and they are fair on pricing. I'm a native of Wilmington and I highly recommend this little store!
Moayad Nafal
Very nice and clean and good collection of every thing 👍🏼 …
Alexis Burton
Very nice and helpful staff! Awsome place to stop at!!
Jonathan Schlarb
The cashiers are polite and friendly. They have cheap cigs, good drink/snack selections, and headshop products (CBD, Kratom, etc). Love their hot boiled peanuts! Excellent customer service, very satisfied. If I could have, I would put 10 stars, but that option is not given. Thank you!
Felicia A
Small Gas Station, but plenty of drinks, boiled peanuts(I don't like, but everyone else seems to love them in NC). Friendly workers. Small parking lot to the side, so be safe upon entering/exit.